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The Curly Haired Girl Buys A Sedu
 by: Jessica Taylor

If you're a curly haired girl like me, you are probably always looking for a product to straighten your hair and allow you to achieve stick-straight hair like that of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez (J Lo). Well, there are now products available that allow you to do that and with awesome results. Hair straighteners (a.k.a. flat irons) have been around for a while now, but now there's a new breed that use cutting edge technology allowing you to tame your frizzy hair and give it a smooth and silky style in a fraction of the time. These commercially available products are the same ones used by salons and yes, even Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

This new breed of hair straighteners use true ceramic/Tourmaline plates which generate six times more negative ions (a good thing) than regular ceramic flat irons. The end result is more natural looking straight hair in a fraction of the time. After using one of these products, I must say that I am very impressed with the results.

I purchased a Sedu Ionic 1.5 Inch Flat Iron and gave it a test run. The first thing I noticed was how fast it heated up. About 25 seconds which is much faster than my old flat iron. I also noticed how much easier the ceramic/Tourmaline plates slid down my hair. The product materials say that the Sedu produces 3 times smoother and silkier hair than using an ordinary ceramic iron. I don't know if my hair was 3 times smoother, but it definitely looked a lot better than with my old hair straightener.

The Sedu also allowed me to adjust the temperature of the iron, which was beneficial for my thick, course hair. This enabled me to straighten my hair much faster than I was used to with my old iron. I would say that I easily cut the time by a third to a half of what it used to take.

The Sedu is also much smaller and easier to use then I am used to. This made for a more pleasant experience and did not make my hand get tired. The power cord on the Sedu is designed to swivel so I don't have to worry about the cord getting twisted up and tangled over time.

All in all I am very impressed by the experience I had with the Sedu. I paid $125 for mine and that included free shipping. There are other brands that use the tourmaline plates which range from the high 80's all the way up to $200 and beyond. For the price, I am happy with the results I got with the Sedu. I think you will be too.

About The Author

Jessica Taylor is a writer for The Hair Straighteners Review, which is a great resource for information about sedu hair straighteners and other hair straightening products. For more information, go to:

This article was posted on October 30, 2005


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