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How To Ensure You Find Shoes That Fit You Well
 by: Teegan Bogut

Here is a common situation that we all have encountered. You return from the shoe store exicted to try on your new shoes. They were a perfect match while you strutted your stuff around the shoe store. However, they feel like different shoes now. They feel cramped and your feet hurt. How many times has this happened to you? Don't lie. It probably has happened after more then one trip to the shoe store.

Why do we buy shoes that don't fit right? How is it that shoes can fit so great in the shop, but once we take them home they suddenly turn into a size too small? There are a few things that can cause this shoe fiasco. There are tips you can take when searching for shoes that will allow you to buy shoes that fit correctly both in the store and at home.

Running shoes and those used for walking or athletic purposes do not fit the same as the everyday shoes we wear into work and around town. It is common for these kinds of footwear to be half to and entire size larger than our normal shoes. If a shoe feels too snug in the store, do not be fooled by the attendant into thinking that they will "stretch". If it does not fit perfectly in the store, do not take it home.

Now you always want to test your shoes out before making a purchase. While most of us do this by walking around a carpeted store, this is likely to yield an inaccurate impression. If you intend to go jogging with these shoes on cement, then you need to try them our on cement. You must mimic the conditions in which they are most likely to be used. If the store does not permit this, then take your money elsewhere because you are mostly wasting it in this place.

How can you really tell if the shoe fits? Toes should be close to the front of the shoe, but make sure that they don't cramp your feet. If the shoes are too big your heel will slide around. Find shoes where your heel stays in one place.

A successful method for finding the right shoes is to bring old shoes with you. You don't need to bring your comfy shoes, but instead bring shoes that didn't fit quite right. This allows the sales person to steer you away from the wrong shoes.

Did you know that your feet swell up by the afternoon? The pressure of walking, standing, and just being awake cause your feet to expand up to a half size larger then your normal shoe size. It is a good idea to shop in the afternoon when your feet are bigger.

Avoid the hassle of paying hard earned money for shoes that don't fit, by following these tips. Engaging in these tips when buying your shoes will improve your odds of finding shoes that are a perfect fit at the shoe store and at home. Shoes that don't fit will become a thing of the past.

About The Author

Teegan Bogut runs a very interesting website at YK Shoes, it's one of the webs most up to date Shoe sites, while you're there sign up for the free newsletter. Want to read more Shoe articles?, just go to:

This article was posted on November 07, 2005


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