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Invisble Pixel Ads Create Explosion In Targetted Traffic To Your Product Or Website!!
 by: Dane Robinson

Invisble Pixel advertising makes a big difference in your Pixel Micro ad Advertising program.

What are Invisible Pixels?

Invisible Pixel advertising is a NEW Concept in Pixel Marketing. How many times have you visited a Pixel advertising Page only to discover that the page is so congested and crowded that you become distracted and literally over whelmed by the thousands of tiny Pixel Ads on the page. It is as though you get lost and are just randomly clicking around.

Invisible Pixel Advertising cause Less Distractions & are more effective!

Invisible Pixel Ads consist of what appears to be a 'Blank' page. When you move your mouse over the the blank page a small number of Pixel Ads apear for each new section of the page you move your mouse over.

This allows you to see ONLY a small number of Pixel Ads that you can then decide as to whether or not you wish to click on.

This concept allows for more attention to be directed to each individual Pixel ad. This means more Targetted Visitors clicking on your Pixel Ad with alot less distraction.

That is ultimately what we all want, right? Less distraction and More attention given to our Pixel Ads right?

Well, this is a New concept developed by and is a very reasonably priced way to promote your Pixel Ads and get more Results!

Check it out. The Concept is truly Unique!

It might just be what your marketting program needs to add to your success.

About The Author

Dane Robinson- Creator Of Invisible Pixel Advertising!
The Best Way To Get Targetted Visitors Clicking On your Pixel Ads!
Invisible Pixel Ads

This article was posted on April 05, 2006


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