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Be a Member of the Church of Christ
 by: Sustines E. Laplana

After reading my previous posts filed under the Religion Category, readers are asking why should men need to become members of the Church of Christ to attain salvation. Although, the answer to this question is already answered by those posts but still they keep on asking this to me.

Now, let me tell you this. Please take note that this is not according to me. This is according to the Bible.

In Is. 59:2, it was written:

“It is because of your sins that he doesn’t hear you. It is your sins that separate you from God when you try to worship him.” (TEV)

Man was separated from God because of his sins. And because of this, man became the enemy of God, as written on Colosians 1:21:

“At one time you were far away from God and were his enemies because of the evil things you did and thought.” (ibid)

If we are enemies of God, do you think God will hear our prayers? I don’t think so. In other words, God will hear the prayers of those who are near Him and are not His enemies, isn’t it?

Is there any way that man can be brought near to God? Yes, of course. Apostle Paul said:

“But now, in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.” (Ephesians 2:13, NIV)

Through the blood of Christ man was brought near to God, by cleansing our sins (Hebrews 9:22,14). But not all men are cleansed by the blood of Christ… only the Church of Christ, according to Apostle Paul:

“Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.” (Acts 20:28, Lamsa Translation)

Therefore, in order for a man to be cleansed by the blood of Christ, he should become a member first of the Church of Christ, because it is the only church among churches that was cleansed by the blood of Christ and was brought back near to God.

About The Author

Sustines E. Laplana is known in the internet as Ka Webspy. He maintains his own blog, the Ka Webspy News and Journal at

This article was posted on October 08, 2005


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