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Intelligent Design On Another Planet?
The Plain Truth about the "Lost Ten Tribes" and Why You Need To Know!
Christians Denied Right To Pray On Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Prayers for the People
You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance
Operation Save Israel!
Where's the Temple on the Temple Mount?
The Incredible Power of Prayer
I Can't Find My Homework, Mom! "Ask My Dear, and It Shall be Given to You!"
Following God Or The Advertisers?
Head-On Collision Fatality
The End Of Days
Leadership Lessons From Daniel
The Diaspora Soul of the City of New Orleans
Paying respects to Meir Kahane
The Meaning Behind The Ankh
God Wants You to Be Wealthy
Scarlet Letter: a Christian with AIDS
The Law of Karma
Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era
How To Pray
Sneak Preview of God's Kingdom!
What Is True Love?
Spirituality -VS- Religion
You CAN Change!
Oh My God
Too Busy For God?
Who Are The Homeless?
Philosopher on Philosophies on the Trancendental & Attitudes
Hope and Creation
I Did It God's Way
Hey, Itís Your Reflection, What Are You Going To Do About It?
The Efffect of September 11th on Christmas Cards
Catholic and Protestantís Salvation
Why Some Call Creator, Mother Father God
Abortion: Blood of Innocents!
Child Development - Children and the Benefits of Angels
The Church of Christ and The Protestant Sects
Making Things Harder
The Myth of the Happy Church-Growth Pastor
Leading a Growing Church
How Healers Can Prevent Healing
Overcoming Uncertainty
Overcoming Prejudice
I Still Believe In Hell
Overcoming Grief
Overcoming Pride
A Pastorís Dirty Little Secret
Where Have All the Disciples Gone?

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