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Step By Step Guide On Playing Cricket To Win
 by: Stramento Degrillo


Cricket is an outdoor game played with bats, a ball, and wickets by both teams of eleven players every. It's incredibly popular in Britain and commonwealth countries. Cricket is played by both teams of 11 on a level, closely cut oval "pitch" preferably measuring about 525 ft (160 m) by about 550 ft (170 m). 2 wickets are positioned sixty-six ft (20.twelve m) apart near the middle of the field. A wicket consists of 2 wooden crosspieces (bails) resting on 3 wooden stumps twenty-eight in. ( cm) high.

Modern day cricket is played in 2 forms - try out matches and 1 day international (ODI). While try out matched have been played for across 2 centuries at present, ODI format has be popular in the last twenty years or even so. A check out match is played for a time period of 5 days, while an ODI for a day. This is 1 of the main reasons for ODI edging past try out match on popularity barometer. ODI is played either along the whole in day or even day- nighttime.

1 of the teams selects to bat or even field as decided by the effect of the toss. 2 batsmen run at the crease and face the balls from the fielding side. 1 batsman faces the delivery from 1 bowler at a time, and is free to strike the ball in any direction. If the ball is struck above the boundary rope, he's credited with 6 runs, while if it crosses the rope after bouncing, the batsman and the team are given 4 runs. A batsman can also score run in one's, two's and three's by running between the both wickets. 1 run is scored when a batsman crosses the pitch when, and reaches the more side. When it's both runs, the batsman crosses the pitch twice, and is ready to face the next ball. In case of 1 run, 3 runs or even an on top change, the more batsman gets the chance to bat. The more side i personally.east., fielding side attempts to prevent diarrhea and get the batsman out.

A batsman can get out by various ways - clean bowled, catch, leg prior to wicket, run out, stump out or even hit wicket. When a batsman gets out, the player is replaced by an additional batsman.

This way the fielding side has to get the whole batting team out to have possibility of batting. In an ODI both the teams get batting when in the match. Try out matched entail both the sides getting both chances of batting. Whoever scores even more runs in an ODI, wins the match. A try out match can be won similarly or even drawn too, since there isn't a time limit for a batting side.

Cricket has overtaken all more games in terms of popularity in Asian countries namely India, Pakistan, SriLanka and Bangladesh.

The check out playing nations, that is those countries having a 'license' to play check out, are Britain, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe in addition to the 4 aforementioned Asian countries.

International tournaments are held for ODI each 4 years in 1 of these countries, and the winning team holds the trophy for the next 4 years. In addition to these, there are biangular, triangular and multi-cornered tournaments among nations. Check out matches, however, do not have an international cup tournament, and the winner is decided after all the try out playing nations having played home and away series with every more above a 5 year time.

About The Author

Stramento Degrillo is the owner of A Cricket which is a premier resource for cricket information. For more information, go to

This article was posted on August 07, 2005


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