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Quick Guide To Choosing Canoes
 by: Canos Avontur

When you think of buying a canoe you have to first decide what you are going to use it for. Ask yourself, whether you want to use your canoe on lakes and ponds or whitewater. Another question to consider is whether you prefer to take your canoe out alone or with friends. After you have a good idea of what you intend to use your canoe for, you're ready to look at the various types of canoes available. Now you can take the help of this quick guide to decide which type is best for your canoeing purposes.

If you want a good multipurpose canoe, you can check into recreational canoes. They're great canoes for all sorts of canoeing activities. Recreational canoes are versatile and stable. They are also good for lake and pond paddling.

Touring canoes, however, are designed to be fast and efficient on the water. A touring canoe is also quite long and narrow. This makes the canoe a bit less stable than a recreational one, but it is still quite versatile, and the canoe can be used in lakes and whitewater as well.

The canoes best suited for white water are river running canoes. The river running canoes are spacious and can adjust in a lot of your gears and equipment. These canoes can be easily moved about, they have a high degree of maneuverability. The river running canoes are also durable.

Sporting canoe is the canoe that is suitable for a lover of hunting, fishing and any outdoor activities. As the name suggests, these canoes can be paddled, rowed or even motored. For all those people who love venturing out in the water for fishing or other outdoor activities a bit too often, they should go for the river running canoe.

Considering the use you're going to put your canoe to, you can narrow down your choice of canoes and start shopping. You can buy your canoe online or offline. The advantage of buying canoes online is that you may be able to get a great price, especially if you buy from an online auction like Ebay.

In case you decide to shop online, be sure of the company or the person concerned. It is important that they should be reputed and trustworthy. Also keep in mind factors such as the policies concerning repairs and returns before making the actual payment. In case of an online transaction be very sure of the repair and returns policies since you won't have the provision of actually going and seeing the canoe for yourself. Hence, it's important to see if these policies are in place.

About The Author

Canos Avontur is the proprietor of Canoes Adventure, which is a premier resource for canoes information. For questions or comments about this article, please visit:

This article was posted on September 29, 2005


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