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Bruce Springsteen: The Notion Deep Inside
 by: L.Kirsch & Howard Bloom

The magical moments of a Bruce Springsteen concert begin seconds after the lights in the arena, club or theatre go out, you're staring at the stage knowing that in the next few seconds Bruce will arrive ready to pour out his heart, sharing his soul night after night, city after city, concert after concert tour after tour. The stage lights begin to shine and within a minute or so the sounds of The Rising, Thunder Road, Badlands or Devils and Dust are all around you and once again Bruce and each of us are heading on that special journey that is so special each night. It's magic in the night, each and every night.

"Experiencing" Bruce Springsteen in concert is part religious rock and roll, part revival meeting, a journey of joy, passion and excitement. Be it at Fenway Park with Bruce trying to end the Curse of the Bambino, the lone spotlight on Bruce singing Thunder Road simply with Roy Bittan on the piano in 1975 on the Born to Run tour, the Boss and the Big Man hitting/creating perfect synergy during Badlands - Bruce Springsteen on the 1978 Darkness Tour, the sheer force of Born in the USA on the 1984-1985 BIUSA Tour, the carnival like start of the 1988 Tunnel of Love Tour or that unforgettable moment during the Reunion tour when faith was restored - Bruce was back where he always belonged - on stage with the E Street Band, Bruce has thrilled so many of us.

Each of us has our own Bruce experiences, stories that we've often wanted the opportunity to share with fellow Bruce fans. Chance encounters with Bruce, traveling to the Holy Mecca Asbury Park, taking your children/parents to their first Springsteen concert, meeting strangers who have become lifelong friends or even marrying fellow Bruce fans - there are countless stories that can only be told by each of us and we've never had that chance.Undoubtedly Bruce has moved you. Emotionally, politically or from a humanitarian perspective.

We are calling out to Bruce from the Jersey Shore, Philly, the backstreets of Boston, Bruce fans in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Japan, Brazil, Canada - everywhere and anywhere where Bruce fans call home.

The journey continues...

About The Author

L.Kirsch & Howard Bloom

Howard Bloom and Lawrence Kirsch are lifelong Bruce fans. You can contact them at

This article was posted on September 26, 2005


© copyright 2007