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Secrets to Getting More Customers
 by: Chet Holcomb

During some point in the business development cycle, every business owner asks themselves the following question:

How do I attract more customers who will spend more money and bring me more profits?

Most business owners are not in business to provide charity and they need some way of attracting more customers who will spend money.

Customer acquisition is the name for getting customers, and it is the first priority any business owner should put into practice. Almost anything you do in buisness is not as important as customer acquisition. In order to stay in business and make profits a business owner must have a full proof way to get more customers, and keeping the loyal customers you have.

With out a doubt, the way to acquire more customers is through a direct response marketing system. What this means is whatever process you choose to acquire new customers you need a built-in way of tracking response so you know where the customer came from.

The Secret is:

You must tell your potential customers where they can find you AND give them a worth while reason for doing business with your company.

Needless to say this is the secret behind all marketing. Marketing practices can be narrowed down to this one potential goal. Tell your prospective customers where they can find you and most importantly why they should be doing business with you.

Practical ways to do that are:

1. Send everyone in your business area a postcard, or distribute flyers when you announce a sale or event. Have them bring in the postcard to receive a special discounted price.

2. Distribute a press release with the latest company news, and products available only at your place of business. Include a special telephone number for customers to call for more information.

3. Give a speech at a seminar or Chamber of Commerce. and hand out brochures detailing your products,and service with your name, address, and phone number with a special way for customers to get a discount at your business when they visit.

4. Take out classified ads, yellow pages, or whatever means are available in your area, and don't forget to include that all important discount offer in the ad.

5. You must be a expert in your business field by furnishing information about you product, and service to potential customers.

Most business owners regard marketing as a means to no end, and would rather concentrate soley on their core business functions. But when these practical methods are used in getting more customers to there place of business they can consider themselves successful, and start enjoying the profits of there hard work!

About The Author

Chet Holcomb of is a successful marketing expert providing advice for web marketers and webmasters on how to promote your website, or product using internet marketing tools that work.

This article was posted on November 28, 2005


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