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Search Engine Marketing: The Race for Popularity and Profit
 by: Jay Peterson

Search engine marketing (SEM) can deliver large numbers of qualified prospects and the most cost-effective marketing vehicle for driving qualified traffic to your website. Search Engine Marketing is the first solution in the industry, helping you to optimize your site’s relevancy and visibility to improve your search ranking options.

A comprehensive search engine marketing campaign should also aim to persuade prospects to take the specific actions you want them to take.

The following group of search engine marketing services is available to help you exceed your online marketing goals:

Natural Search Engine Optimization. This is also known as organic search engine optimization. A specialized process that involves analyzing your websites’ underlying code, architecture and visible content and making enhancements so that the location is returned more prominently in the natural search result of spider- based search engines.

You also have to evaluate and update continuously your natural search engine optimization methodology to keep up with the ever- changing search algorithms used by the major search properties and to keep pace with any changes made to your website as new pages are added or updated.

Natural search engine optimization includes:

• Search Engine Submissions. Present the pages of your site so that they will be included in the indexes of the major search engines and returned prominently when customers and qualified prospects doubted keywords that relate to your website's offering.

• Directory Submissions. Submit key sections of your website to appear within the four major online directories.

• Keyword Research. Find out which keywords and phrases will bring the most qualified traffic to your website.

• Website Content Enhancement. To make your site more appealing to search engines you should develop and enhance your website's content and navigational structure.

• Website Competitive Intelligence. Be able to detect what your competitors are doing and find out how you are going to position yourself against them

• Website Conversion Auditism. Determine the obstacles that your website poses to visitors that try to perform a “conversion action” (buy, register, download, request more information, etc.). Be able to learn how to build momentum toward conversion

• Link Popularity Enhancement. It helps increase and improves the quantity and quality of external websites that link to pages on your site in order to improve your site's visibility within search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising Management. A search engine marketing that requires you to pay a fee every time someone click’s your websites from the ad that you placed on the search engine results. The more you bid to pay per click for a specific keyword and more effective, the higher your website will rank in the paid search results.

Paid Inclusion Management. A critical component of your comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

Web Analytics. Use to measure and maximize the results by breaking down the website statistics to a smooth level and organizing the data into practical categories.

International Search Engine Optimization. Ensures that your website achieves outstanding visibility within foreign search properties.

Having a success search engine marketing, websites should be designed nicely and wonderful. But the most important thing, people should visit your site. No matter how beautiful it is with all the bells and whistles it will be useless if you’re site is not being visited. The more visitors you have the higher possibility of securing orders and getting more clients and the higher chances for the search engine marketing success.

About The Author

Jay Peterson writer, web designer, marketer. is the easiest do-it-yourself website builder on the web. No programming or design skill required. Get your small business online in just 5 minutes with loaded with 30+ business features.

This article was posted on January 26, 2006


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