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How To Use Google's Formula For Success, To Write Your Most Powerful Sales Copy Ever!
 by: Craig Garber

Is it actually possible to use the same formula the mighty Google uses, to create your own compelling sales copy?

It is, and today I'm going to let you in on the very powerful secret they use, so you can do exactly that.

Let me start by sharing a little story with you.

A while ago, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, responded to a comment made by another exective who was asking how to foster a sense of innovation in your IT staff, without letting them run wild.

Schmidt, who is a very sharp guy, said... actually...

"We prefer to let them run rampant!"

He then explained, "The most clever ideas don't come from the leaders, but rather from the leaders listening and encouraging and kind of creating a discussion -- wandering around trying to find new ideas."

In fact, Google encourages their engineers (the geeks who come up with all the new "Google Tricks") to spend 20% of their time on "something of the engineer's own choosing".

Presumably, this doesn't mean downloading porn, but instead, Schmidt wants them "focusing their efforts on ideas not directly related to their main business, but that will lead to new discoveries."

Now if you can adapt Google's esprit de corps to your mindset when you're writing sales copy, then very compelling and mighty things will come out of it.

See, one of the biggest frustrations you're probably running into, is you feel what you're writing, doesn't make sense, and won't necessarily work in your sales letter.

Well, I've got news for you: Get it out of your system and write it down anyway, because...

It Doesn't Matter!

What you need to do is to unplug yourself from your traditional every day thinking, and like the Google engineers, letting your mind run rampant.

Who cares what you write down on your page?

The only thing that counts is what's left after all your editing is done, anyway.


So write as fast and as furiously as you possibly can.

Some of what you're putting down will be great!

And, a small portion of it will be useless.

But that's O.K. -- you're going to get a lot more ideas out of yourself doing things this way, than by trying to get it "just right", your first time out of the starting gate.

Just get out there and start writing -- you're going to come up with something much better than you would doing it "the old way".

The truth is, I love writing... but... I hate editing.

And if I was so good straight out of the starting gate, this simply wouldn't be so.

But, I'd rather finish the RACE first... then merely winning... one single lap.

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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About The Author

Craig Garber is America's Top Direct-Response Copywriter. Uncover hundreds of FREE controversial direct-response copywriting and marketing tips that dramatically boost your sales and your response rates, right here:

This article was posted on November 27, 2005


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