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How To Leverage Dr. suess... Walt Disney... And Yes, Even Elvis... Into More Sales
 by: Craig Garber

If you're using direct mail, and you want to boost your response, make sure you're using first class "live" stamps, as opposed to using "machine" stamped, or pre-sorted bulk rate mail.

Nothing tells you "Hey, there's a sales letter inside this envelope." any more than a bulk rate indicia, or a piece of mail with a bar code above your prospect's name.

And I'm not sure what the Royal Mail over in the UK does, or what postal systems outside of America do, but if you're here in the U.S., use some of the "non-traditional" stamps the post office issues now.

You're a lot more likely to have someone open your letter if it has a "Dr. Seuss" stamp on it... an "elvis" stamp, or yes, even a "Happy Birthday" postage stamp on it, than a plain old "traditional" stamp with a flag on it.

Remember, direct mail is no different than any other media you're going to use to market your business. Your job, is to make your marketing blend in as much as possible -- to look as credible and "editorial" as can be -- and THEN once you've got your prospects attention, you use your sales copy to do the selling for you.

This is the same reason why your display ads should look like newspaper editorial columns, and not wild, screaming pieces that might as well say "BUY SOMETHING!"

Remember, sales is like seduction -- and being slick, fast and aggressive never seduced anyone.

But being slow and sultry does it all the time.

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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About The Author

Craig Garber is America's top direct-response copywriter. Join the ranks of the swelling list of global VIP's who subscribe to his unconventional daily marketing moments, and discover how to seriously crank up your sales at

This article was posted on February 15, 2006


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