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Copywriting for Sales - Understand Your Audience's Need
 by: George Dodge

Regardless of what you're selling, marketing or promoting, you have to have a good understanding of your audience before you can create effective copywriting. Without knowing who you're writing for and what they hope to get from the copy you create, your copy might not achieve the desired effect. But if you're creating sales copy, isn't it simple? You tout the benefits of the product or service, and wait for the customers to flock on over, right?

There are many stages to effective copywriting, but knowing what your readers expect from the product is probably the first and most important step.

If you are selling a product, take a minute to consider what your audience expects to gain if they purchase your product. Money is one of the most common reasons for purchases, though there are other - equally compelling - reasons. Becoming more healthy, more attractive and being entertained are other common reasons for purchasing a particular product.

If you are aiming at providing the solution for a particular issue, declare that solution in loud, clear terms. Don't leave your reader wondering if this is actually going to work. You can appeal to a person's sense of the dramatic, but don't overstate. There is a point at which your claims will be discarded as ridiculous, but your copy should run right up to that point.

So does every product have to offer some benefit? Actually, yes, though the kind and extent of the benefit will vary greatly from one product to another. The key to producing effective copywriting is to clearly identify the benefit(s) of the product, then present those in a clear, appealing manner to your reader.

What are some potential benefits? Besides money, health, beauty and entertainment, you may have a product that will make life easier or save time. In today's rushed world, time is a valuable commodity.

Cleaning products are excellent examples of products that meet these criteria. But simply saying that "this product will make your life easier" isn't enough. Outline how the product works. If you describe a situation that everyone is familiar with - cleaning the bathroom - and then clearly describe how your product will make short work of this task, you're well on your way to effective copywriting.

Finally, appeal to your audience's sensibilities to complete the sale. For example, if you're offering up the cleaning products, point out how proud the buyer will be when people recognize the super-duper cleaning job.

There's no magic form letter for good copywriting, but following these simple pointers will put you on the right track to creating copywriting that works.

About The Author

George Dodge is owner of and you discover 757 explosive web copywriting techniques guaranteed to skyrocket your online sales and stuff more cash in your pocket - even if you havenít written a thing since high school!

This article was posted on November 26, 2005


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