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Easy Kids Rooms Decorating Ideas
 by: Michael Holland

When trying to come up with decorating themes for kids rooms, think like a child.

Donít just limit your choices to the prepackaged ideas that you find in catalogs. You can create a decorating theme on your own that is better than one you can buy. And you can definitely create your own theme more affordably.

There are lots of resources around you that you can use for inspiration in decorating kids rooms. See if any of these get your kids rooms decorating juices flowing:

1) Your childís books. Regardless of your childís age, the books he or she enjoys reading or having read to them is a good indicator of what appeals to them. If your child is in school then you should take a longer look at the books that they read by choice than those they read by assignment.

2) Your kidsís favorite outfit. Whether itís a cute little pink dress with ruffles or a camouflage t-shirt and faded jeans, a childís most treasured outfit is a good measure of his or her tastes.

3) Your childís favorite music. It could be a classical guitaristsí soft notes or the raging amplified strings of an acoustic guitar that make your childís feet move, but your childís music is also a valid indicator of his or her preferences.

All these resources for decorating kids room have one common element...your child. At a very early age, children begin developing their own likes and dislikes. If you question this theory, try feeding a toddler for a few days. Even if it has been some time since you've done that you will soon remember that even toddlers know immediately whether they prefer peaches or green beans.

Whether considering themes for kids rooms, building a sandcastle or pleading their cases for a later bedtime, children donít impose the same limitations on their ideas that we do as adults. If an idea is practical from a childís point of view then the child finds a way to make it work.

For example, ottomans become stagecoaches, braided rugs become magic carpets, and the floor becomes a circus arena or an ice-skating rink.

For original ideas for kids rooms that you can actually use, watch a group of children playing. Youíll see the fruits of unlimited imagination. When a concept enters a childís mind, the child takes that concept in hand and the concept is materialized.

All sorts of kids rooms possibilities exist in things you already own. Try looking at things you have packed away through the eyes of a child. Children see things for all they can be instead of limiting them to a singular purpose. What about that awful velvet painting? It has a perfect frame for your childís favorite poster...just imagine it!

About The Author

Michael Holland is creator of the Web sites and His sites offer lots of free tips and ideas for decorating kids rooms and all rooms your home. And if you'd like to get advertising-free decorating advice delivered direcly to your computer desktop just visit and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

This article was posted on January 23, 2006


© copyright 2007