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Man Garnet Ring, Is It Suitable For Men?
 by: Ms. Wan

Suitability Of Garnet Rings For Men.

Man garnet rings are not the most popular man gemstone rings. It is very interesting to note why garnet rings for men are not very common. It is often believed that the red color of garnets does not make them suitable for males. Colors like pink, orange and red are associated with something feminine and not considered to be very masculine.

This notion is based on wrong ideas and we will discuss a few misconceptions here.

  1. Many buyers believe that all red garnets are bright red and generally available in only round shape. This is far from the truth because there is an excellent deep red garnet available. This color of red garnet looks awesome and majestic for man garnet rings.

  2. For some reason, most gemstone dealers prefer to cut garnets in round shape. Buyers thus feel that good quality red garnets are available only in round shape. This is not true, because fine deep red garnets can also be had in oval,square and rectangular shapes.

  3. Low weight men's rings with bright red small sized garnets do look a bit feminine. A man's ring should have a good weight to make it appear sturdy and be durable. The good weight would also help the gemstones to be firmly mounted.

  4. It is often thought that garnets are available only in smaller sizes and large garnets are not very clean and clear. This is not true, most garnets are small in size, but you can still get red garnet gemstones that are 5 carats and above. These are not easy to find, but your man garnet ring with one of these gemstones would add a royal touch to your jewelry collection.

  5. If you thought that all garnet men's rings have designs that are dainty and fragile, think again because, few jewellers have developed some very masculine looking man rings with garnet gemstone. These are hard to find but the search would be worth it as there is no point in compromising on your ring.

We have devoted an entire section to garnet man rings and detailed information regarding the rings have been provided. Do pay a visit and you will be amazed at the tremendous efforts made to merge good quality, good looks and good designs. You can see these rings at:

We will be back with more information on gems and jewelry very soon.

Thanks and God Bless.


Ms. Wan

About The Author

Ms. Wan is senior executive at the world's leading online provider of high end jewelry. All jewelry is high end custom made with your choice of gemstones in yellow or white gold. You can even send in your own designs to be custom made.

This article was posted on February 01, 2005


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