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Helpful Tips When Burying or Cremating the Remains of Family Member
 by: Harriet Goodrich

Helpful Tips When Burying or Cremating the Remains of Family Member

When an individual passes on, there are many decisions that must be made. One important decision concerns the remains. There are many different options for families of individuals who have died. The two most common ways to handle the remains of a loved one is to purchase a casket and bury them or have their remains cremated.

Generally the most traditional choice is a standard burial in a casket. Many families choose this option because they are able to visit a gravestone and know that their loved one is there. A standard burial is often preferred because the individual is being left alone and is at peace.

Cremation is another choice that many families make. Cremation is when the remains of a deceased individual is converted into ashes. This is a fairly common practice on individuals who may have been severely injured or disfigured in an accident or do not have any family members around to make decisions.

The decision to cremate a loved one is often difficult, but there is also an option that is a combination of the two. Once remains are cremated, there are placed in a urn. A urn is a container that stores the remains. Urns can come in various different styles, decorations, and sizes. There is a urn that is known as a burial urn. A burial urn is a specific urn meant for being buried underground, like traditional caskets. A burial urn is generally made out of specific material that will hold well underground.

Generally when compared to a casket, a urn is considerably cheaper. If a burial urn is used and the individual is buried, you can still have a traditional headstone. There are no set limitations or rules on cremating and burying an individual.

In addition to a burial urn there are other burial options or accessories for a cremation burial. Many funeral homes or casket companies sell a special burial urn vault. The materials used, sizes, and styles will depend on where you plan on purchasing a burial urn vault. These vaults come in different sizes, but they are typically just big enough to hold a standard urn. These burial urn vaults are a protective way for urns to be buried underground. Just like caskets, burial urn vaults are typically decorated with various religious designs or they can even be customized for a family.

The decision to bury a family member is a touch decision to make. There are many tips and resources available for assistance with making this difficult decision. Cremation is a common practice used all around the world. The majority of religions accept and believe in cremation; therefore, it will generally not upset an individualís belief system. Handing the remains of a deceased family member is often a family decision. If the family cannot agree on a specific procedure, a burial urn may be a great idea. A burial urn allows remains to be cremated and buried all at the same time, generally pleasing all remaining family members.

About The Author

Harriet Goodrich is a writer for Funeral Market where you can find burial urns and funeral caskets of high quality at discount prices.

This article was posted on November 27, 2005


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