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Dreamweaver Too Complicated?, Go Live And Frontpage Too Steep A Learning Curve?
 by: Paul Lewis

XSitePro is a new website design package that we have reviewed to create entire web sites, not just individual pages, and optimize them.

I think that some web design packages have too steep a learning curve. That’s why I want to tell you about a product that I’ve just reviewed called XSitePro. Here is a brief summary, and you can see the full review by using the link indicated at the end of this article.

I was looking for something more versatile than a lot of the lower end website building software such as Web Easy Pro, and Web Plus, yet with a good deal of the functionality of the higher end products such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. As I needed to start quickly I didn’t want the steep learning curve that these higher end products demanded.

Quite by accident I came across XSitePro. At first I was nearly dissuaded from taking it further, because I was presented with a one-page sales website which the software authors put out.

Personally, having spent a great deal of time, recently, researching web products, the one page sales letters deter me from going any further, as I have subscribed to several, and always been disappointed. I also dislike parting with money before I ‘touch and feel’ a product, and particularly like to download a fifteen or thirty day demo, which was just not available.

Erring on the side of caution I posted a request on the Warrior forum, and asked for advice as to which website development software I should opt for. More replies were positive about XSitePro than any other, so I subscribed and downloaded the software, putting faith in the promise of a 365 day refund.

I was certainly not disappointed and initially completed the tutorial, where I constructed a ten page website in around 11/2 hours. You can view the website completed in the tutorial by going to the web page indicated at the end of this article.

XSitePro is feature rich and I have picked out my 12 favorits.

XSitePro optimizes each page to rank well with the search engines and gives suggestions as to what tasks you need to carry out, to bring this about.

The ‘Help’ functionality is very good with on-screen pages supported by ‘Index’ and ‘Search’ facilities. There is ‘Context Sensitive Help’ throughout providing immediate help relating to the function you are currently performing. ‘Online Help’ accesses a ‘Knowledgebase’ of frequently asked questions with the ability to ‘Submit a Ticket’ if the answer is not found.

Using a ‘Template’ principle it is possible to make amendment to all pages by making alterations to the template. Therefore if you want to change text, site colours, logos etc. on all pages, this is easily achieved.

The Multi-Page Creation Wizard provides a quick and easy way of creating the infrastructure of a new site, or adding whole new branches to the infrastructure of an existing site.

You can simplify your web creation tasks using the valuable To Do Report automatically produced by XSitePro. The software produces a checklist of suggested actions still needed for each page so you never forget to carry out essential tasks.

Two mouse clicks will introduce Google Adsense ads to your web pages bringing about another income stream.

Powerful functionality immediately available which includes pop-ups, pop-ins, link pages, automatic sitemap, page import, scripts, redirect pages and much more.

The software comes with 163 website templates included, making website creation even faster and easier.

Built-in Article and Product pages which are of considerable benefit to internet marketers.

No knowledge of HTML needed, making it also a beginners tool. If you can use Microsoft Word, or similar then XSitePro is for you.

Print out an incredibly detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to do to each of your pages, which means you can make sure that all your pages are exactly right before you publish them to the Internet.

Easily add a links page to your site that looks great and is easy to update, which means you can benefit from a reciprocal linking campaign (i.e. exchanging links with other sites).

In summary we found it to be easy to learn, intuitive and we were able to produce results fast.

About The Author

© Paul Lewis 2006. All rights reserved.

Reprints welcomed with article and resource box unedited.

See the completed web pages created in the XSitePro web page tutorial.

You can see detailed functionality, screen movies, tutorial samples, free e-books and much more by visiting the XSitePro full review.

Paul is also CEO of Demovision, a company specializing in talking heads. You can see examples if you go to the "Contact Us" page at the above site. You will need Internet Explorer to view.

This article was posted on February 08, 2006


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