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Custom Car Covers For That Perfect Fit!
 by: Matthew C. Keegan

Bob Crowley and his wife, Teresa, were proud of their silver Honda Accord. Despite living in the city and parking their car right on the street, their í98 Accord was nearly free of dings. The finish looked just as good as when they purchased the car. How could this be possible? With kids playing stick ball, tight parallel parking, air pollution, and pigeons that frequently splattered cars up and down the street, no car was immune from the regular insults of urban living. For the Crowleyís it was no mystery: a custom fitted car cover was placed over their Accord whenever it was parked to give it maximum protection. For an investment costing less than two hundred dollars you can protect your car too. Please read on to discover all the advantages of utilizing a high quality car cover.

Without exception, a custom fitted car cover offers the best protection for any vehicle. With side mirror pockets, a high quality car cover will fit your vehicle snuggly much in the way a well fitted dress graces a womanís body or as a glove fits a hand. The benefit is a car cover that stays in place without flapping in the wind or sliding off.

Moreover, a custom fitted car cover will protect your car from the following:

Moisture Ė With four layers of protection a custom fitted car cover will resist moisture and protect your carís finish from acid rain, road salt, hail, sleet, and snow.

Pollution Ė Air pollution, dirt, and flying debris can all wreak havoc on your carís finish in no time. A high quality car cover will prevent your finish from looking old before its time.

Nature Ė In the city you have a burgeoning pigeon population to contend with, while in the suburbs you have squirrels, birds, and a host of other little critters who see your car as an invitation to leave their mark upon. Even if natureís critters like your car cover, they wonít be able to do harm to your car.

Sunny Days -- You protect your skin with sunscreen, right? Donít think for a moment that your carís finish isnít immune from harmful solar rays. Even the best finishes come under attack and need protection. Regular washes and waxing does help, but in between times your finish is under constant assault.

Small Impacts -- No, a car cover wonít protect your vehicle from another car slamming into it, but it can protect your car from someone who opens their door and bangs into your car as well as kids on skates who get a kick out using your hood as a seat for rest.

Intruders -- Why is it that strangers think nothing of peering into your unoccupied car when you are not around? Donít think for a moment they are admiring the design of your interior! Likely, someone is casing your car for anything of value left out in full view or they are admiring your Bose sound system. Regardless, a car cover keeps the snooping folks away. What they canít see they arenít likely to go after.

High quality car covers such as those made by Covercraft can offer the best protection for your car. Each custom fitted car cover is developed for the specific make and model of your car no matter whether it is a Honda, BMW, Dodge, Kia, or any other vehicle. The more layers it consists of means better protection for your vehicle too. Select one with side pocket mirrors and your vehicle will receive maximum protection. Truly, for what amounts to a small investment a custom fitted car cover offers an excellent return on the money.

About The Author

Matt Keegan is an auto enthusiast and a contributing writer for the Custom Car Covers shop:, wholesalers of BMW Car Covers:, and Honda Car Covers:

This article was posted on November 19, 2005


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